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Poliresin 3d Magnets

Tulips Holland,Pisa Italy,,Australia Round map,Marakech Morocco,Translavania Romania,Petra Jordan,Brussels,Blue dala Horse,Granada Long,Hollywood,New Zealand maori Couple,Cape Town,Cambodia bayon,Japan golden temple,Morocco camel,Istnbul Turkey-hagia Sofia,Casablanca,Korean Palace,Bhutan,Rome Italy,Luzern Lion Monument,Vanezia,Kiwi New Zealand,Turkey pamukalle,machu Pichu,Peru,Denmark Nyhan,Denmark Mermaid,Kyoto Japan,Marakech Morocco-Horse,Vatican City,Icemeler -Flip Flop,Napoli,South Dacota. USA,Neuchantein Germany,Rep. Dominican,Moscow russia,Paris Eifel Tower,Vasa ship,London Eye,London Frame,Mekah/Masjidil haram,Masjidil Nabawi FM,Doa ayat 1000 dinar,Ayat Qursy,Kaabah,China -Beijing,Brunei Castle,

Worldwide Rubberize magnets-

King Cross station Australia,Sun Moon LakeTaiwan, CKS Memorial Hall Taiwan, Los Angeles Getty Centre,Presidential Office,Paris,USA-LA Chicago, Taiwan Map Rubber/Poli,Ls Vegas, Australia Windsdor Hotel,Netherland Windmill,China Mask.

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Espana Flip Flop and Guitar

Espana Flip Flop and Guitar
buy 1 for RM27/pcs

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There is no substitute for the distinctive image of real - look magnets. Each design

is hand - crafted with finest detail and dimensional look. The colored areas are combination of air - brushing and handpainting on polyresin. Make a great addition to someone magnet collection. It is a fabulous decoration,for any place you put it on.

Bagaiamana/syarat2 belian

Salam Sejahtera.! Jangan ketinggalan untuk membuat belian berbaloi-baloi. Magnet yang berkualiti dan terpilih saja di jual di FRIDGEMAGNET ONLINE./World wide keychain

So,apa tunggu lagi,anda isi borang di atas dan sy akan reply pada email anda segera.

Syarat belian.

1) Tunai atau bankin sahaja(MBB/CIMB)

2) Online 100%

3)Harga tertera belum termasuk kos penghantaran. (Caj minima dikenakan hanya dari RM3++/Mengikut berat tetapi dengan diskaun)

4)Berdasarkan,siapa cepat dia dapat.Tiada booking atau simpan ke hujung bulan atau ke hadapan.

5) First come first served.

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7)Kerosakan ketika penghantaran tidak akan dilayan kecuali kesilapan penghantaran.

7)Emailkan ke hari ini

Selamat maju Jaya.

Available stocks

Available stocks

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Rubberize worldwide collection - Open for order

Rubberize worldwide collection - Open for order

Australia Map Rubber Pull Out FM

Australia Map Rubber Pull Out FM

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Australia Map Rubber Pull Out FM Open for Pre-Order

Australia Map Rubber Pull Out FM Open for Pre-Order
RM37/pcs (now RM35 only)

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